Stem POM, MX Stem
Upper Housing PC, Transparent Housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, White Base
Spring Spring Steel
Pins 3-Pin Switch
Lubrication Lubed Version
SMD LED Support Yes

Glacier Gateron G Pro 2.0 Switches Set with Key Switches/Caps Puller Included

7 reviews
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Color: Black
Set: 105 Switches

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Glacier Gateron G Pro 2.0 Switches Set with Key Switches/Caps Puller Included
Color: Black / Set: 105 Switches

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The G Pro 2.0 switches represent a significant upgrade from the original G Pro Series. With the addition of an RGB SMD condenser, these switches offer an exceptional typing experience that is both dynamic and tactile. They are designed with 3-Pin compatibility, making them compatible with any 3-Pin/5-Pin mechanical keyboard that has underflow SMD-LED or RGB-SMD lights. This versatility allows you to choose from a wide range of keyboards to find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Switches set
  • Glacier keycap/switch puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Switches Color Features

    Please see chart for each switch functionality

    Reduced Spring Noise

    This mechanical switch comes with a 3-Pin mount and has the ability to lubricate itself. It not only produces less noise from the spring and stem wobbling but also uses anti-oxidation alloy contacts that can extend its lifespan.

    Better Backlight Transmission

    The upper housing of the switch has a light opening that features a concentrated spot and a guiding column. These design elements enhance the clarity of the switch and improve the lighting performance for both typists and gamers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Nice mechanical keyboard switches

    These gateron red pre-lubed switches are great for building your own mechanical keyboard or for just swapping out the switches for a different type or to upgrade them. I had a store-bought mechanical keyboard (not custom) but it had removable switches so I replaced them with these red switches and really like the sound (quiet) and the feel compared to the brown switches that were on my keyboard previously.

    Katie W.
    Good ol' blues.

    I'm a sucker for anything clicky. These come pre lubed and ready to go. Any 3 pin board should take them without issue. Caps go on and you're set


    Feels nice

    They are very similar to red switches except with a higher actuation force. I'm using them in my main board now and they feel smooth to type on and come pre lubed. They sound great too ! I will try to include a video later.

    Sounds great, but after removing the pre-lube and applying 205g0

    The preapplied lube was very inconsistent, some switches were too light while some had too heavy lubing. After cleaning off the factory lube and applied 205g0, the switches were very creamy and smooth!

    Finally a nice replacement for custom switches

    We just hot-swapped the Glacier Gateron Pro 2 Brown switches in place of zelios purple 67g switches. The activation point and tactile bump feel very similar considering these are only 55g!

    These come pre-lubed which is way easier than having to open and lube every switch and the feel is clean and smooth.

    For the price point, these are remarkable switches. Gateron has always been a top-tier manufacturer, even when manufacturing custom switches for other companies. Finally they have their own version of switches at this level.

    The switches came with a keycap and switch removal tool which was helpful, although we already had a better switch removal tool that we used. The one included will work for anyone that doesn't have one, and the cap remover worked fine.

    We tested all of the switches and found no issues at all.

    I'm really impressed with these. Definitely a worthwhile set for any keyboard enthusiast.