Type Ahead Tactile Switch
Operation Force 50gf
Spring Force 40gf士2gf
Pre Travel 2.0mm +0.5mm
Total Travel 3.4mm Max
Stem POM
Top Housing PC,Green
Bottom Housing PC,Green
Spring 22mm dual-stage long spring
LED Support SMD
Pre-lubed Yes
Pins 5-Pin
Service Lifetime Up to 80M cycles
Contact Leaf Alloy contact hardened and reinforced of 3-layer pins

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Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set
Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set

35 PCs

Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set

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Set: 35 PCs

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The Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Switch boasts a tactile feeling with an INK top housing, providing a unique tapping experience. It features a dual-stage spring with a 22mm dual-stage long spring for increased strength. The switch has a stem made of POM and is designed with 5 pins. Additionally, it comes pre-lubed for smooth operation.

In terms of construction, the top housing is made of PC in a green color, while the bottom housing follows suit with a PC construction in green. The operating force required is 50gf, and the total travel distance is 3.4mm max, with a pre-travel of 2.0mm +0.5mm. The spring force is 40gf+2gf, and the spring itself is a 22mm dual-stage long spring.

The Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Switch is categorized as an Ahead Tactile Switch and is built for durability, offering a service lifetime of up to 80 million cycles. The contact leaf is made of an oxidation-resistant alloy, ensuring reliability and reinforced with 3-layer pins for added strength.

  • Switches set
  • Glacier keycap/switch puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Tactile & Pre-lubed

    The Glacier Gateron Beer Tactile Switch offers a distinctive tactile feel and comes pre-lubed for smooth, responsive keystrokes. With its unique 22mm dual-stage long spring and INK top housing, it's a popular choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts seeking a refined typing experience.

    Three Layer Pin

    Three-layer pin design fortifies its strength, providing a durable construction capable of enduring up to 80 million cycles. This innovative feature ensures lasting reliability for users seeking a resilient switch with tactile precision.

    Oxidation-resistant Alloy Contact Point

    This switch also incorporates an oxidation-resistant alloy contact point, ensuring an extended lifespan and guaranteed conductivity. This original alloy contact point is designed to resist oxidation, contributing to the switch's durability while maintaining consistent and reliable electrical conductivity over time.

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