Type Clicky
Operation Force 60±12gf
Pre-Travel 2.0±0.6mm
Total Travel 4mm Max
Stem POM, Light Pink
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing Nylon,Light Blue
LED Support SMD
Pre-lubed Yes
Pins 5-Pin

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Glacier Gateron Melodic Clicky Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set
Glacier Gateron Melodic Clicky Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set

35 PCs

Glacier Gateron Melodic Clicky Pre-lubed 5-pin Switches Set

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The GATERON Melodic Switch introduces a new standard in typing excellence, meticulously designed to transform your typing journey with innovation and precision. This switch promises a harmonious blend of stability, precision, and a melodious sound, crafted to redefine your typing experience. Utilizing GATERON core black technology with an antioxidant gold alloy contact point, the Melodic Switch ensures not only reliable electrical contact but also boasts an extended lifespan.

Featuring a three-layer pin design, this switch guarantees consistent actuation and maintains uniform thickness, enhancing its durability and longevity. The customized spring with an operation force of 60±12gf delivers a satisfying tactile feel, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience for users.

With a minimum lifespan of 6000w keystrokes, the Melodic Switch is engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of avid typists and gamers alike. Additionally, it comes factory pre-lubed using GATERON's renowned "Family" factory pre-lubed technology, ensuring effective noise reduction and a remarkably smooth typing feel right out of the box.

  • Switches set
  • Key switch/cap puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Melodious Sound and Stability

    This switch offers a seamless fusion of stability, accuracy, and a crisp, melodious tone, transforming the typing encounter.

    GATERON Core Black Technology

    Utilizing GATERON core technology in black with an antioxidant gold alloy contact point, this switch guarantees dependable electrical connectivity and prolonged durability.

    Three-Layer Pin Design and Customized Spring

    With a three-layer pin design ensuring consistent actuation and thickness, the switch enhances strength and durability. The customized spring, operating at 60±12gf, provides a comfortable tactile feel for typing.

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