Type Tactile
Sound Level Medium
Suitable For Midway gaming/office
Stem POM
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing POM
Contact Composite gold
Spring Spring steel
Protecting Cover Nylon
Slider POM
Pins 5-Pin
Factory Pre-lubed Yes
SMD LED Support Yes

Glacier Kailh Box Winter Tactile Pre-lubed 5-Pin Switches Set

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Set: 35 PCs


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Glacier Kailh Box Winter Tactile Pre-lubed 5-Pin Switches Set
Set: 35 PCs

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Box Winter exudes a cool and enigmatic aura, akin to the pristine white snowflakes and icy blues of winter, instilling a sense of serenity and mystery. This switch series artfully blends elements from all four seasons, showcasing the unique beauty and allure of each through its exquisite colors and designs. This provides users with a visual delight and a deep emotional connection, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty of every season and embrace a vibrant life.

The Kailh Box Winter Switch is also an upscale advanced tactile switch featuring an operation force of 38±10 gf and a tactile force of 55±10 gf. It provides precise tactile feedback and a seamless return action. This switch embraces a light blue color palette reminiscent of the gentle touch of a snowflake in the winter sunlight, offering both comfort and stability. Its top cover is constructed from PC material, while the stem and base are crafted from self-lubricating POM material, resulting in a smoother overall switch body.

  • Switches set
  • Key switch/cap puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Perfect For RGB Keyboards

    The switch benefits from a clear light guide column, improving light transmission for superior backlighting. Ideal for RGB keyboards, it ensures vibrant illumination.

    Extension Spring. Quick Return.

    Through the incorporation of an elongated 20 mm spring, the Kailh Box Winter Switch ensures a typing experience characterized by its smoothness and a rapid, robust rebound effect.

    “Box” Build and 5-Pin Support.

    The switch features an innovative inner box design that is both dustproof and waterproof, enhancing its durability and lifespan.

    Compared to the 3-Pin switch, the 5-Pin structure has two extra support feet on each side, providing a firmer grip with the keyboard plate and greater stability during typing, resulting in less wobbling.

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