Connectivity Wired
Backlit Optional RGB Lighting
Interface Type USB
Removable Cable Yes
Keyboard Type Mechanical
Keyboard Size 75% (84 Keys)
Swappable Keycaps Yes
Swappable Key Switches Yes (3 or 5 pins)
Default Keycaps ABS
Default Switches Gateron G Pro Red
Compatibility Mac & Windows
Dimensions 13" x 5.5" x 1"
Weight 2 lbs

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Glacier Arctic GK84 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

6 reviews
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Color: Black

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The Glacier Arctic Keyboard is a top-of-the-line keyboard designed for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts who demand the best. With its 84 keys and 75% layout, it provides the perfect balance of functionality and space-saving design. The aluminum frame not only gives it a premium look, but also makes it sturdy and durable, ensuring it can handle even the most intense gaming sessions.

One of the key features of this keyboard is its backlit keys, which provide excellent visibility in low light conditions. This is crucial for gamers who need to stay focused on the game and not their keyboard. The keycaps are made of high-quality ABS plastic and are designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring they can withstand heavy use.

The keyboard's compact design also means that there is more room for gamers to move their mouse, providing a more comfortable and efficient gaming experience.

  • Keyboard
  • Glacier keycap logo & regular esc keycap
  • Standard USB cable
  • Glacier keycap/switch puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Hot Swappable

    The Glacier Arctic is hot-swappable with 3 or 5 pin mechanical switches, which provides a versatile and customizable typing experience, making it ideal for gamers and enthusiasts.

    Aluminum Frame

    The aluminum frame provides a premium quality and aesthetic look for a high-end and stylish gaming setup. The frame offers durability and stability, while customizable RGB lighting and programmable macro keys enhance the keyboard's efficiency and productivity for an immersive gaming experience.

    Compact Design

    Offering a compact design without compromising functionality. Enhance your productivity and gaming performance with the perfect balance of space-saving efficiency and responsive key switches.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Excellent fit and finish, great if you like linear key switches out of the box

    I think my favorite thing about his keyboard is how nice the keycaps feel. They aren't slippery and they don't feel like cheap plastic. Perhaps that's what the ABS Plastic marketing bit really means. The aluminum is nice and feels very premium as well. All the fun lighting options aren't a huge deal to me, but they can be a cheerful pick-me-up if you like that sort of thing. The font on the keycaps is... ok. I don't spend a lot of time looking at it, so it isn't a big deal to me. If you like linear switches, this is really nice to type on. I think I'm discovering I prefer some sort of tactile feedback as opposed to just going all the way down to the keyboard deck. Thankfully, I could swap out the switches if I had different ones to try! The keyboard works well. Speaking of accessories, the USB cable seems to be of high quality as well.

    The only slightly problematic thing I've run into is folding down the second, larger foot option. It takes a lot of force to peel it out of the base of the board, especially when compared to the smaller foot option. It inspires confidence in the sturdiness of it, but it is a bit challenging to pull down.

    If you are a fan of this layout and like linear keys, this is a solid keyboard.

    Amazing keyboard! Must buy

    Right away I knew this product was going to be amazing just by the packaging! From the start up sequence, to the customizing, and to the overall function I was extremely impressed. I found myself using it for daily use as I can type much faster and accurately with this keyboard. The quailty and price point of this keyboard is 2nd to none.
    A definite worth while purchase and am looking forward to their future product line!


    Greta keyboard, exceeded my expectations honestly, well packaged also.

    Andy Phan
    Best Keyboard!!!

    If youre looking for an affordable and customizable gaming keyboard, then this is the one. I love how youre able to replace the key switches and key caps. I was also impressed with the quality of the keyboard. I would definitely give this product a 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend and it was delivered on time!

    Very Satisfied and Impressed with this Keyboard

    This keyboard sounded good right out of the box. The sound of the keyboard and the feel of typing was just perfect for me but it's also nice knowing that the keyboard is hot swappable.

    When I first held it my first impression was that this is a very high quality keyboard, it's heavy duty and really sturdy. I am honestly very satisfied with the keyboard. Definitely a huge upgrade if you're coming from those crusty mainstream gaming keyboards! Trust me!