Type Touch bottom early Linear switch
Operation Force 55gf
Bottom Touching Force 60gf
Pre-travel 2mm
Total travel 3.6mm
Stem Pom, same as Ink material
Housing Translucent light Green, same as Ink material
Spring Black plated double Stage spring 22mm
LED Support Plug-in
Pre-lubed Yes
Pins 5-Pin
Operation Life Up to 80M cycles
Sound Level Low
Finger Strike Feeling Vertical, strong pressing force, hard rebound

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Glacier Gateron Luciola Pre-lubed 5-pin Linear Switches Set
Glacier Gateron Luciola Pre-lubed 5-pin Linear Switches Set

35 PCs

Glacier Gateron Luciola Pre-lubed 5-pin Linear Switches Set

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The Gateron Luciola Switch, much like the Ink V2 in terms of its manufacturing and material composition, is a linear switch renowned for its exclusive ink material. Its standout feature, setting it apart from the Ink V2 series, is the striking luminosity and enchanting glow-in-the-dark effect. This particular characteristic conjures the captivating light green radiance of fireflies, imparting an air of uniqueness and mystery. Furthermore, the switch is designed with an extended stem, resulting in a reduced total travel distance of 3.6±0.2 mm, ensuring users experience an early bottom-out sensation.

The switch's bottom housing material is made from INK, while the stem is constructed from POM, enabling it to reach the bottom earlier. Its pins are reinforced with three layers and are based on a 5-pin polymer material base. Equipped with dual-stage black-plated long springs, the switch offers a more responsive input experience. Moreover, it has the capability to simulate the luminescent quality of fireflies by absorbing light and emitting its own glow. The extended stem linear switch is created with a polymer material combined with precision lubrication, guaranteeing a sharp and smooth touch.

  • Switch set
  • Glacier keycap/switch puller
  • Glacier sticker
  • Glows in the Dark

    The GATERON Luciola Switch is a linear switch with a luminescent housing that emits a soft, light green glow in the dark. It shares its molding and materials with the Ink V2 but comes pre-lubricated for added convenience. This switch draws its name from the Japanese Genji Firefly, known for its intermittent flashes of light. It captures the essence of these fireflies by absorbing sunlight and later emitting a gentle luminescence, adding a touch of enchantment to your surroundings.

    Switch Structure

    The Gateron Luciola switch is equipped with robust Three-Ply Reinforced Pins, ensuring exceptional reliability and durability for hot-swappable applications. Its construction boasts three-ply metal reinforced pins and a 5-Pin base layout, enhancing its resilience. Additionally, the 22 mm two-stage black plated long spring contributes to swift recoil and a heightened, more responsive input experience.


    Before being shipped from the factory, the switch undergoes lubrication using a specialized automated machine, improving its overall smoothness.

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