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Glacier Kailh Four Seasons Box Switch Set
Glacier Kailh Four Seasons Box Switch Set

Winter / 35 PCs

Glacier Kailh Four Seasons Box Switch Set

2 reviews
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Color: Winter
Set: 35 PCs

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The Kailh "ZHI" Series Box switches draw inspiration from the changing seasons, with Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter serving as their primary themes. Each season is represented by a distinct color palette and design.

Box Summer embodies vibrant hues and a lively spirit, mirroring the passion and energy found under the scorching summer sun. It evokes a sense of coolness and joyfulness. Box Autumn features warm, earthy tones reminiscent of falling leaves, creating a feeling of coziness and tranquility. Meanwhile, Box Winter exudes a cool and enigmatic aura, akin to the pristine white snowflakes and icy blues of winter, instilling a sense of serenity and mystery. This switch series artfully blends elements from all four seasons, showcasing the unique beauty and allure of each through its exquisite colors and designs. This provides users with a visual delight and a deep emotional connection, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty of every season and embrace a vibrant life.

Box Spring, on the other hand, captures the essence of spring with its blooming colors, resembling a bouquet of flowers that infuses vitality into the spring landscape. It encourages us to embrace the wonders of nature and cherish every moment of this vibrant season. With a positive outlook, let us collectively work towards a brighter future and spread joy and positivity wherever we go.


The Kailh Box Winter Switch is an upscale advanced tactile switch featuring an operation force of 38±10 gf and a tactile force of 55±10 gf. It provides precise tactile feedback and a seamless return action. This switch embraces a light blue color palette reminiscent of the gentle touch of a snowflake in the winter sunlight, offering both comfort and stability. Its top cover is constructed from PC material, while the stem and base are crafted from self-lubricating POM material, resulting in a smoother overall switch body.

  • Advanced tactile switches delivering high performance.
  • Pre-travel Tactile Switch
  • Perfect for RGB keyboards featuring a Light-Guide Column.
  • Enhanced rebound with an extended 20mm spring.
  • Meticulously crafted using premium materials.
  • "Box" design for dustproof and waterproof durability.

Quick Features

  • Lubricated stem for increased stability during pressing and triggering.
  • Linear Switch
  • Ideal for RGB keyboards with a light-pipe feature.
  • Enhanced rebound with an extended 20mm spring.
  • Utilizes a newly developed high-slip POM material base for smoother keypresses.
  • Features a "Box" design for dustproof and waterproof functionality.
  • The article maintains a positive tone and avoids negative content.


The Kailh Box Summer Clicky Switch showcases housing materials in a clear turquoise hue, complemented by a refreshing shade of green for the POM material stem. The choice of the housing color draws inspiration from the serene, transparent waters of a pristine lake, creating a playful and invigorating summer-themed design for the switch's base and cover.

  • A body structure that's completely transparent, akin to a jellyfish.
  • Clicky Switch
  • Showcasing RGB lights is a breeze with its fully transparent body.
  • Reduced wobble thanks to the robust Box design, providing enhanced stability for work or gaming.

Quick Features

  • Enjoy the utmost precision with this clicky switch.
  • Clicky Switch
  • A lengthy 20mm spring ensures exceptional bounce and resistance.
  • Premium tactile feel and unmatched durability.
  • Benefit from a dustproof and waterproof "Box" design.
  • Ideal for RGB Keyboards featuring a Light-Guide Column.
  • Switch set
  • Glacier keycap/switch puller
  • Glacier sticker

Excellent Backlight Effect

Perfect For RGB Keyboards

Switch Structure

Extension Spring. Quick Return

Through the incorporation of an elongated 20 mm spring, the Kailh Box Winter Switch ensures a typing experience characterized by its smoothness and a rapid, robust rebound effect.

Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Design

The distinctive inner box design of this switch provides dustproof and waterproof capabilities, contributing to the switch's extended lifespan and durability.

5-Pin Support

The 5-Pin structure boasts a pair of extra support feet on each side in comparison to the 3-Pin switch. This results in a stronger connection with the keyboard plate and ensures greater stability during typing, reducing any wobbling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason D
Love these switches

The feel of the switches are great along with the sound profile. The pressure to actuate feels perfect for my taste, strong enough to support the weight of my fingers resting on the keys but not so stiff that i have to add anymore pressure than I would with my laptop. I would get these again for my next build. If i didn't have Glorious Pandas in my other keyboard i would purchase another set for that keyboard as well.

My favorite clicky switches!

These are great. They have a much deeper click sound than the other Kailh box switches. There's a lack of reviews on the Autumn switch (and on this product listing in general) but I chose it over the Summer because of the stronger rebound in the spring. For a comparison to other clickies I've tried:

Kailh Box Jade: The jades are noticeably heavier to actuate. If you're looking for a clicky that has heavy tactility, I think the Autumns are still a great choice but the lighter feel might be offputting if you're coming from a heavier switch like Navies.

Kailh Box White V2: These are the closest to the Autumns in terms of feel. The box whites have slightly more pronounced tactility but the spring in the Autumns contributes to a heavier feeling overall. Sound is the biggest deciding factor here. Box Whites are quieter, higher-pitched, and easier to bottom out, which results in an additional clack.

Kailh Box Pinks: These are not comparable at all. Pinks have an entirely different tactility. Unlike the Autumns, the pinks seem to drop very quickly after their actuation and are more similar to standard tactile switches like the Akko Cream Blue Pro V3s. Not my cup of tea but this is something to consider if you're coming from a similar switch.

In terms of my preference, I would rank them in this order from best to worst: Kailh Box Autumn > Kailh Box Jade > Kailh Box White V2 > Kailh Box Pink. These Autumns are a joy to type on.